Burlesque Costume For A Sexy Look

Are you interested to wear some fabulous burlesque costumes? Well, there is a plenty of costumes available out there and you have to make one of yourself that is unique and beautiful. You can find a wide range of ready-made costumes, but if you use to wear burlesque dressing very often, then you may want to get some individual pieces and create unique costumes each time.

Things I would need for a sexy burlesque costume

• The major piece that you will need for any burlesque costumes in Australia are beautiful corset. This piece of clothing helps you define and slim your waist and optimize your breast and cleavage.

• Next you need a frilled skirt, a bustle skirt or a set of wonderful tanga shorts. You can choose ruffled knickers based on how audacious you want to feel.

• You can wear a satin or long velvet skirt with a fish tail cut or large bustle or bow to match your corset. You can go for this option if you don’t want to show most part of your leg.

• Now you need to get fishnet stockings or black or red stockings or tights with garters. A stunning range of choices are available in stockings and garters. Hence, you can change the look of the outfit by changing the stockings, if you choose the same skirt for every burlesque party.

• You can match the red stockings with a red feather boa, if you want a saloon girl look. The same corset and skirt can be worn with stripy over-the-knee socks and a bow tie. This will give you a mime artist look!

• You can complete the outfit with lace, ruffles, feathers and frills in the form of fascinators, boas, etc. These attempts would present you as a daring, surprising and an outright showstopper woman.

• Burlesque dancer costume makes you sexy and a part of an act in a beautiful manner. When it comes to the makeup, you can add glitter and oomph factor for a sexy outlook.

• You can go for pale colors for a different look and don’t forget to put bold, red lipstick.

With a beautiful corset and a skirt, you are ready for the burlesque party and add stockings and accessories to transform the look for your outfit. This way, you can build your burlesque wardrobe and change your looks without spending a fortune. Recommended reading this article to gain ideas for the cheap burlesque costume for the party.

There are many shops both at online and offline that supply a wide variety of burlesque clothing and accessories at varying price rates. Look for word of mouth advertisements and choose the best and most affordable shop online to buy matching clothing and accessories for a sexy and daring outfit.

Spread The Message About Massages

Everyone loves a massage, even if some people don’t want to admit it. Some people, especially athletes, require regular massages to keep the stresses and strains out of their bodies. There are few things like being able to relax while somebody manipulates the heck out of your muscles until you’re silly putty in their hands. It can become so soothing that you can be caught off guard and fall asleep without a care in the world. If you’re lucky enough to have a partner who can administer quality massages, you’re already in heaven. As long as you’re able to coerce them into giving you the pleasure on a regular basis, that is.

There are multiple types of massages that you can try out. Just thinking about that can be enough to make you melt because it means you can spend days experimenting. You might smell a bit strange with all the sensual oils and your legs may not work properly but it would be worth it. You can pass it off as research if someone asks – or an unusual cooking accident.

The list of massages is pretty extensive. Here are a few to sink your teeth into: 

1. Swedish massage therapy. It’s the United States’ most common technique. This is basically the starter for those new to the general experience. Oil or lotion is applied to the skin and the muscle is expertly manipulated. If you fall asleep during this, it’s generally a good thing. That means you’ll get used to some of the other techniques which can only be to your benefit.

2. Aromatherapy massage. One of the better techniques if you have a lot of stress. You’ll turn into a fish with all the oil that gets slathered on you with aromatherapy. By the time you leave, people will be wondering what that mixture of scents is. Your lips will be sealed.

3. Shiatsu. Here’s something unique and exotic. It’s a Japanese technique not quite like the other massages mentioned. If you can’t handle fingertip pressure on your skin and muscles, you may not like this one. It focuses on pinpointing the stress points in your body. However, there is no soreness involved so if you can deal with it you’ll be fine.

4. Rub’n’tug. The rub’n’tug is for the most daring of men. That’s right, men – the name should clue you in. This is the massage they crave for when they need a release. Not only do they get the benefit of a full-body rub to get them in the mood, they also get the ‘happy ending’ where the remaining stress can be worked off. It can be a little uncomfortable to ask for the first rub’n’tug session but once they have one, it gets easier. The good room which provide rub’n’tug are surprisingly plentiful as well.

Don’t just sit there reading this. Get out there and find out for yourself.

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